Gerry D. Serves Smoothies Filled with Dempsters Bread in This Prank

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: dempsters & adsoftheworld
In this hilarious prank, comedian Gerry D poses as a juice bar attendant and tries to serve people smoothies with slices of Dempsters bread in them.

Customers walk into an unnamed juice bar and are greeted by Gerry D. He offers them a boost of vitamins and minerals in their smoothie for free. Most of them agree, but even the ones who don't agree get a slice of bread dunked into their smoothie cup. As the customers look on confused, Gerry D. keeps explaining the nutritional value of that piece of bread.

Some customers actually go along with the prank and try out their smoothie with the Dempsters bread in it. Other customers are completely skeptical and refuse to drink the smoothie Gerry D gives them. One customer swears at Gerry D. and walks out of the shop.