This Unsettling Feast Introduces the Surgeon Simulator Game for iPhone

 - Nov 8, 2014
References: misscakehead.wordpress
In order to promote the release of the Surgeon Simulator game on iPhone, Messhead served up a very unusual dinner that was in keeping with the macabre theme of the medical game.

The five courses of the Surgeon Sim Dining Experience included miso soups served from surgical drips into pulp trays, meat served up on a tray like coils of intestines and chocolate brains that needed to be cracked open like piƱatas for dessert. Just like the game, dinner was messy and required attendees to suit up in proper medical scrubs, although manners were hardly a concern since guests were invited to eat with the same tools used to get at the body part-shaped foods. If you can't stomach this experience, you probably don't have the heart to play Surgeon Simulator.

Photo Credit: Chris Coulson