The KitchenGoose Makes Eggs in an Unconventional Way

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: kitchengoose & kickstarter
Everybody has their own recipe for scrambled eggs (I prefer mixing in some milk and perhaps a little cheese, then frothing it up good). Now, thanks to the new KitchenGoose, I can pre-scramble my egg in the shell before doing any other magic to it.

Designer Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design has invented a slick and fun ‘in the shell’ scrambler. Not only will the scrambler create a smooth and uniform yolk/white mixture, it does it in an interactive manner that creates a novel experience for the chef.

I’m curious to see what an in-egg scrambled egg tastes like. It may change my recipe in ways I never imagined.

Photo credit: Kickstarter

Implications - The KitchenGoose looks like a fun product that will definitely impact peoples’ cooking, and eating experiences. Because the scrambling process is done in the shell and in the absence of air, the resulting mixture is unique in consistency and flavor.