Colored Foods by Lawrie Brown is Not for Those with a Weak Stomach

 - Apr 12, 2014
References: lawriebrown & laughingsquid
If you’ve got a weak stomach, turn away now because ‘Colored Foods’ by Lawrie Brown will change the way you see your food. The artist painted chicken, corn, crackers and other delicious foods in bright colors and they give off an unnatural effect.

Instead of seeing a delicious, steaming chicken on top of fresh rice and peas, there’s a neon blue, cold-looking chicken and it doesn’t look edible at all. The ice cream meal looks pretty delicious, since many ice cream flavors come in bright colors, but the purple paint-like goo on top won’t appeal to everyone.

‘Colored Food’ plays with how we react to the sight of things. We are so accustomed to food looking a certain way all the time that when it comes in a different color we are extremely hesitant to try it. These foods might not be edible but it’s funny to see how turned off we are by things unusual or unexpected.