The Assaggi Restaurant's Image is Accessorized with Chic Shades

 - Jan 7, 2014
Studio Hausherr was thinking outside of the box when it came to the design of Assaggi Restaurant branding. From all of the printed pieces that it did for this establishment, what really jumps out are the little things.

Taking dimensions just a bit lengthier than those of standard business cards, small boxes have been crafted to contain paper-cut sunglasses. The form of stylish vintage frames has been used to make notes, with one side inked in pink and the other in blue.

This color combination has been used throughout the Assaggi Restaurant branding strategy, consistently working in typefaces and images that foster nostalgia. Antique cars and retro formatting give the menus and all of the stationery an authentically old appearance to portray a well-established premises.