The Battleaxe Mountain Bike Has Separated Chains for Reduced Rattling

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: cyclemonkey & gizmag
California-based cycle maker Cycle Monkey has designed the one-of-a-kind Battleaxe mountain bike, which features a drive train designed to prevent chain slap.

Chain slap is a common problem in mountain bikes, and is caused by the bike’s swinging arm moving up and down relative to the rest of the bike frame. This causes the back end of the chain to jerk up and down while the front chain stays in place, resulting in an unpleasant rattling noise and decreased performance.

To get around this problem, the Battleaxe mountain bike has been fitted with a two-chain drive train. One of the chains runs from the chainring to the swingarm-mounted gear, while the other chain runs from that gear to the rear wheel. This design helps to minimize chain slap and results in increased biking enjoyment and performance.