Sortie En Mer Promotes the Use of Lifejackets Through Fear

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: sortieenmer & theverge
The folly of humans often lies in their belief that they are invincible, the Sortie En Mer website puts that into perspective. It features an interactive short film that simulates the experience of drowning. A sunny day turns stormy and a man is thrown overboard. It is up to the viewer to save him by scrolling down as fast as he can.

Directed and produced by Ben Strebel and Wanda Digital / Grouek, the Sortie En Mer short film cleverly replicates the mental and physical fatigue experienced when drowning. Soon it becomes too much and the scrolling ceases and so does the man's life. By terrorizing their viewers, the agency reinforces an age-old message: Always where a lifejacket at sea.

The Sortie En Mer website was created for yachtwear manufacturer Guy Cotten.