- Jan 2, 2015
Experimentation with augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive multisensory experiences and social campaigns are among some of the top 2014 interactive trends for the year. Rather than using conventional channels for marketing, brands are pushing to create unique and engaging experiences that range from the theatrical to the high-tech. Examples of this include The Sound of Porsche pop-up lab launched in partnership with Bose, the Hyundai Card Travel Library and most unusually, a pop-up cafe from Nestle Purina that presented gourmet eats for humans like cat food.

Since social media and interactivity go hand in hand, brands are harnessing the power of social influence to make the public an integral part of their marketing campaigns, such as shops or restaurants that trade goods for tweets or photos shared to Instagram.

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From Multisensory Automotive Lounges to Romantic Mail Trucks: