FILA Sneakers Adds Its Own Shoes to Banksy Street Art

It's taken a while for officials to come around, but now Banksy street art has become so desirable, it's protected by clear panels, making it somewhat untouchable. Despite this, as FILA proves, this doesn't mean you can't have fun with Banksy's street art.

The guerrilla FILA sneakers campaign devised by GREYgermany involved cutting shoes in half and arranging them on Banksy's stenciled silhouette people so that it looks like they're wearing the FILA shoes. When people in the UK took to the Internet to find out more about the sneaker-wearing silhouettes, they were directed to the website of Deichmann, an online retailer of shoes.

Even though the additions to the street art pieces were purely for a commercial purpose, there's something mischievous about this stunt that Banksy might approve of.