Celebrate World Water Day with These Resource-Awareness Initiatives

 - Aug 24, 2015
As the global water crisis continues, celebrate World Water Day with these initiatives that raise awareness of the overuse of this natural resource. There are many initiatives that tackle water consumption such as the 'Use Only What You Need' water campaign. This initiative brings awareness to the issue of overusing water by creating eye-catching billboards that say "you can't make this stuff." This campaign hopes that people will realize they only need to use a small portion of water, and that this resource cannot be replenished.

Other campaigns tackle the issue by supplying water directly to underdeveloped, or natural disaster-stricken countries that need fresh water. The Anheuser-Busch brewery stopped producing beer and instead began canning drinking water for flood victims in Texas and Oklahoma.

Celebrate World Water Day by learning about global initiatives that seek to recognize the work that is already taking place, as well as encouraging more people to contribute to the sustainability of water.