OndAzul Encourages Participation in the Ice Bucket Challenge Without Water

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: baldevazio.br & adsoftheworld
Although the Ice Bucket Challenge has been successful at raising many more millions for ALS than the same time last year, OndAzul is proposing that people do the Empty Bucket challenge in order to be mindful about the water that's wasted in the process.

In the process of raising awareness for one worthy cause, OndAzul notes that there has been a water shortage in Brazil and with thousands of people dumping buckets of water onto their heads, this is wasting water that could be used for drinking, washing hands or even swimming. It seems strange to suggest participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge without ice or water, but this way, people are encouraged to take part, and make twice as much of a statement with their video uploads for ALS.