From Poignant Water Advocacy Ads to Arctic Swimming Challenges

 - May 14, 2015
When people talk about environmental conservation or eco sustainability, water initiatives are an important aspect of taking care of our earth. Whether it's saving water or providing access to clean drinking water in developing communities, these ad campaigns and challenges are designed to provoke action in everyday people.

Water conservation efforts surrounding the California drought integrate humor and the age-old adage that sex sells. This can be seen with brick-dropping campaigns (rubber bricks you place in your toilet water tank to save water) and suggestive shower-shortening language in print advertisements.

Charity:Water has created a number of water initiatives in their endeavors to provide safe water in poor communities. This includes partnering with online Christian community Socality and selling products such as clothing and temporary tattoos.

Apps and games can also be used to interact with consumers, especially ones that involve reporting.