This Ad Shows a Fictional Girl Who Couldn't Cry Because of Dehydration

 - May 7, 2014
References: waterislife & creativity-online
This ad campaign for the charitable organization 'Water is Life', titled 'The Girl Who Couldn't Cry, shows just how difficult life is for people who don't have access to water -- to the point that people who suffer from extreme dehydration actually lose the ability to shed tears despite the hardships they may face.

The ad tells the fictional story of a girl born in the slums of India. The ad tells the story of the extremely difficult life she was forced to lead, and the hardships she endured. She was born into a brothel, had to work sorting garbage in a landfill and was made to marry an elderly man while still under-age. Despite all the sadness and despair she feels, she is physically unable to cry because she is chronically dehydrated. She is, quite literally, the girl who couldn't cry.