This SFPUC Water Conservation Campaign Uses Titillating Language

 - Jun 28, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
While California is in the midst of the worst drought recorded in 3 years, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is resorting to the classic 'sex sells' strategy when it comes to their latest water conservation campaign.

To make saving water more exciting, the SFPUC suggests making showers a quickie by taking shorter showers. Offering other handy tips, such as getting paid via rebates to replace toilets, the water conservation campaign highlights innuendos to grab people's attention. Even though phrases like 'doing it' and 'satisfied' are in larger print, the actual content of the ads are quite tame and practical.

The ads could be spiced up however, by asking people to consider showering together in addition to speeding up their shower time.