From Faceless Alzheimer Ads to Villainous Cancer Campaigns

 - Sep 11, 2015
Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Osteoporosis and mental illnesses are a few of the chronic conditions targeted with these advertisements. In order to raise awareness, support for fundraising campaigns and promote prevention in general, these advertisements make use of a range of marketing tactics.

The incredible popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS proved to be the perfect formula for success, pairing crowdsourced content with a challenge format. Although the challenge has been heavily criticized, it's also taught marketers and brands valuable lessons about viral marketing.

In the hopes of seeing a fraction of the success that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did, other charities, organizations and healthcare companies are turning to social media to give campaigns a chance of going viral. Some of the more impressive examples of this include the Canadian Cancer Society's Fearless Challenge and Alzheimer Nederland's Facebook marketing stunt for the Alzheimer’s Event.