YouAreBlind.Com Challenged Creative Teams to Lose Their Vision

 - Oct 31, 2012
References: youareblind & adverblog
YouAreBlind.Com is a project started by the Russian charity ‘The Right to Smile’ and Hungry Boys agency that aims to make urban Russia more accessible to those who are sight-impaired. 

The project sent out envelopes containing a blindfold to major creative companies and directors of advertising agencies in Moscow. The goal was to get people who heavily rely on their sight for their occupation to try going without it. While wearing the blindfold, the recipients were asked to do menial tasks, like walk around their office building or making a cup of coffee.

By encouraging people to experience blindness first hand, YouAreBlind.Com hoped to create a conversation that would stop labeling those who are sight impaired as helpless. And as a result, come up with suggestions on how to make the cities of Russia vision impaired-friendly.