Pillsbury's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Stars a Brave Poppin' Fresh

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: adweek & youtube
Since there are hundreds of people creating their own Ice Bucket Challenge videos for ALS, it's no surprise that several brands are now getting in on the action too. Although there are a few brands that seem to forget that the campaign is primarily for the purposes of raising awareness, Pillsbury's take on the challenge manages to be fun and respectful without seeming like a blatant product advertisement.

This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge features Poppin' Fresh the Pillsbury Dough Boy getting doused with icy cold water. Afterwards, the adorable doughy mascot comes to the realization that dough tends to get rather sticky when it's wet. This is all done without words, which is helpful in keeping the tone of the Pillsbury video light and amusing. Of course, Pillsbury notes that a "dough-nation" was made to the cause and to keep things going, the GEICO Gecko has been nominated next.