- May 24, 2015
With a growing number of consumers concerned about waste-reduction, companies are looking to recycled packaging as a more sustainable option. Recycling can help to breathe new life into old materials by repurposing them in the form of eco-friendly packaging.

One of the most common materials used for recycled packaging is paper. Old newspaper, stock and cardboard make the perfect material for packaging everything from perfume to matchsticks and even dog treats. Glass is another material that can easily be recycled for packaging beverages and other forms of bottled products. Although less plastic is recycled than other materials, upcycled plastic has been used to create recyclable packaging for common household products such as cosmetics and drink containers.

Each example of packaging made from recycled substances demonstrates that there are numerous opportunities for companies to repurpose old material in ways that are stylish and attractive to eco-conscious consumers.

From Newspaper Beer Branding to Sustainable Reduced Shoeboxes: