The E-ON Premium Energy Drink is Packaged in Rexam Aluminum Cans

 - Oct 6, 2014
References: money.cnn & rexam
The E-ON premium energy drink relies on eco-friendly branding thanks to its Rexam SleekĀ® can packaging. The 12 oz. cans are compact, graphically vivid and are considered to be one of the most sustainable beverage packaging options available today.

This E-ON premium energy drink is filled with B vitamins, caffeine and guarana seed extract among other natural ingredients that give one a healthy energy kick. The drink is a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks and is even more eco-conscious when it comes to its branding.

E-ON drinks are available in three flavors including Citrus Punch, Ginger Crush and Almond Rush. The Rexam canned drinks are described as "portable and durable" and feature aluminum packaging that is said to be recycled at a more frequent rate than a container or bottle that is made from alternative materials.