- May 22, 2015
Now that it's becoming apparent that a huge amount of the American population suffers from insomnia and other chronic sleep disorders, age-old natural sleep aids are being reinvented. Drug stores are filled with products that promise sleep in a bottle, but many consumers looking for health-conscious alternatives that induce sleep by means of relaxation. A perfect example of this is the Good Night Drink, which is branded like an anti-energy drink for nighttime.

Scent and sleep are now becoming more closely tied together with elements from aromatherapy being worked into products like shower heads, eye masks and mists to help people slip into a restful sleep. As well as having stress-releasing and soothing properties for sleep, on the flip side, aromatherapy is also useful for naturally increasing energy levels after waking up.

From Relaxing Nighttime Drinks to Soothing Sleep Sprays: