Saje's Foot 'Reflexology Rituals' Set Balances with Essential Oils

 - Dec 6, 2016
References: saje
Foot reflexology is an alternative, yet widely accepted wellness treatment that involves putting pressure on certain reflex points on the feet that are said to correspond to vital parts of the body. For instance, foot reflexology charts map out that the toe area corresponds to the eyes, ears and sinuses, while the heel can be massaged by thumbs, fingers or the hand to target issues in the lower back and glutes.

While self-massage can be effective, it is also useful to have tools on hand, such as Saje's new 'Reflexology Rituals' set. The kit is branded as a "Night & Day Reflexology & Body Care Kit," which includes a reflexology mat to step on, plus an essential oil Refresh Mist for day use and a relaxing Lavender Mist to soothe one to sleep.