From Superfood Chocolate Bars to DIY Healthy Gummy Bears

 - Mar 20, 2015
If you're trying to phase sweets out of your diet, you'll want to know that there are sugar-free candies out there––both for sale and as delicious home recipes. Your brain and your taste buds will inevitably gang up on your health-conscious resolve, so the best method to keep your body and mind in harmony is to meet sweet snacks halfway.

More and more sugarless bonbons are cropping up to meet a growing demand for foods that contain as few harmful ingredients as possible. Some some the low-calorie treat selection includes hard candies, gummies, chocolate bars, mints and truffles. Alternative sweeteners like agave, stevia and honey can be found in some of these sugar-free candies, and the most wholesome recipes are simply packed with superfoods.