Clonakilty is a Delicious and Community-Oriented Company

Based in Ireland, Clonakilty recently raised €15,025 on IndieGoGo and are one step closer to opening their community-oriented chocolate factory. And they're already making handcrafted delicious on preorder.

Ethical chocolate companies are typically an easy sell, yes, but that doesn't make the ethos and fair trade practice that Clonakilty embodies to be any less impressive. Some of the product offerings include dark orange, hot chilli, raw and sugar-free, Himalayan sea salt, milk chocolate with cashews and apricots, espresso and more.

Since the founding of this social business they have used only only 100% certified Fairtrade Organic couverture for their chocolate and have added more ethical certifications on the way such as low-carbon packaging in 2010.

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