The RePack System Encourages Consumers to Return Their Used Envelopes

 - Jan 12, 2015
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This reusable delivery packaging scheme tackles the great waste-creating practice of discarding envelopes and boxes that people receive in the mail. Consumers find the former especially difficult to reuse or recycle once the opening has been torn.

The solution is the RePack System, which presents three different reusable and resealable parcels that are made from durable materials. Manufacturers and distribution companies can opt to keep stocked with these eco-friendly snail mail sacks, giving their e-commerce customers the option of ordering goods in a greener fashion.

Retail products like clothing, books and other goods can be received in this reusable delivery packaging. Upon reception, empty the tote, fold it up, and then send it back free of charge. Once returned, the consumer will get a refund on a tiny deposit made for a RePack parcel.