From Sweaty Selfie Contests to Gigantic Airport Selfie Cameras

 - Aug 21, 2015
Successful selfie campaigns leverage social media to create hyper-engaged, low-budget and viral advertising by getting followers of a brand or movement to post photos or videos of themselves interacting with a product or engaging with a concept.

The motivations behind selfie campaigns vary wildly -- from the political to the commercial to just-for-fun movements. In one example, a viral selfie campaign swept through Lebanon in support of an Olympian who had racy photos leaked online. Supporters posted comedic all-but-nude selfies with the hashtag #StripForJackie to protest the violation of the professional skier's privacy. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S5 selfie challenge asked random beach-goers to strip down and dive in to test the new phone's underwater capabilities. Those brave enough to go along with the experiment were rewarded with an S5 of their own.

Selfie campaigns are a staple of modern advertising. Leading forward, selfie campaigns are becoming increasingly creative, asking participants to do more and more challenging and creative activities in order to participate in a hashtag movement.