ICM's Health Campaign Puts People in an Uncomfortable Subway Experience

More often than not, people tend to dismiss health campaign ads conducted by research groups on a regular basis. Advertising group Publicis Conseil, which was commissioned by ICM (Institute of Brain and Spinal Cord), created very in-your-face campaigns called 'Lost in the metro' and 'Why give?'

In the 'Lost in the metro' campaign, researchers and volunteers for ICM replaced the regular subway maps on the metro with fake maps that had the names of the platforms removed. The unmarked posters resulted in people not knowing where to go and subsequently getting lost. Their experiences were merely a small taste of what people with Alzheimer's disease go through on a regular basis, which the volunteers then informed the subway riders of.

Putting people in the shoes of someone with a health disorder is definitely one way of getting their attention to the cause.