Cancerfonden's Play in the Shade Campaign Features a Uniquely Shaded Field

In an effort to get kids to be mindful while having fun outdoors this summer, Swedish cancer foundation Cancerfonden set up the 'Play in the Shade' campaign.

When it's nice outside, there's nothing better than being able to get out and kick around a soccer ball. For the campaign, the foundation set up a shaded soccer field, but a really unique one that was made by the sun and some cleverly-placed cutouts. Since the sun is required to form the shaded soccer field, it's only visible between the hours of 11 am and 3 om, which is when Cancerfonden advises people to stay out of the sun. With this setup, kids can still take advantage of the great outdoors, while getting a reminder that the sun can be fun, as long as you're careful to protect your skin.