This Cancer Awareness Campaign Advises Protection for Outdoor Workers

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: & vimeo
This animated cartoon sun cancer awareness campaign video was created by directed by Björn-Axel Sjöblad and musical producer Marko Nyberg on behalf of The Cancer Society of Finland.

The ad campaign is like a mini cartoon superhero series that features a massive demon-like sun ray as the villain. The evil sun ray proceeds to burn many citizens who work outdoors in areas such as construction and lawn maintenance. The cartoon then pauses and the video features ways to protect yourself against harmful sun rays such as water to stay hydrated, a hat, sunglasses and sunblock. The cartoon then ends when a group of citizens cover the evil sun ray with sunscreen.

The sun cancer awareness campaign video is a playful way to get people to pay attention to the real harm that the sun can do if you do not take proper precautions over the sunny summer months.