The Drinkable Book is an Educational Tool That Offers Clean Drinking Water

 - May 4, 2014
References: waterislife & adage
The Water is Life charity been working with scientists to deliver innovative clean water solutions to areas which most require it. The newest breakthrough has been a paper, which can filter upto 99.9% of the impurities and also kills out germs for diseases like E.Coli, Typhoid and Cholera.

DDB, the pro-bono agency for Water is Life, used this invention to help design the Drinkable Book. The Drinkable Book is an educational book, which provided information about necessity for clean water (something we take for granted in the developed world!), and its paper can be used as a filter to purify water. The Drinkable Book has 20 pages, with each filter providing for 30 days of clean water.

Water is Life and DDB are planning to send out the Drinkable Book with teams of people to Africa, China and India, and teach people about clean water sources, as well as give them these books to help them get clean water.