Your Future Startup Answers 'What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?'

In anticipation of the April 3rd release of the Russian movie ’Startup,’ Moscow-based creative agency Hungry Boys put together the ‘Your Future Startup’ quiz for Danais Films to answer "What kind of Entrepreneur are you?"

Hungry Boys’ creative director Vlad Sitnikov describes that new ventures are popping up all over in Russia and it was their mission "to raise awareness of the movie amongst its target audience, the hipster fraternity."

The quiz asks a user things like what they wanted to be as a kid, or to specify their laziness levels on a scale. Upon completion of the quiz, test-takers will be presented a certificate highlighting some of the traits that they possess that will help them in business, plus some seriously wacky startup ideas, like to open up a massage parlor for teddy bears, or start a personal Instagram cameraman service.

The Your Future Startup quiz is available in both Russian and English versions, try it yourself for some more zany business ideas.