This Believable Fake Rob Ford Movie Features Chris Farley

 - Nov 25, 2013
References: huffingtonpost & youtube
A super cut of the late Chris Farley's work has been put together to create a fake Rob Ford movie trailer. With the Toronto Mayor's recent crack scandal, all eyes have been turned on him and the city. This mock movie trailer shows something I'm sure will actually soon exist.

The trailer is for a Rob Ford movie that depicts his life and tumultuous time in office. Although the reality isn't so fun for Torontonians, the video is absolutely hilarious. The late Chris Farley would have played an amazing Rob Ford, and as it turns out, he already depicted Ford-like characters before.

Clips from 'Tommy Boy', 'Black Sheep' and other Farley movies made the cut. It's actually amazing how perfect some scenes are. Some of the best clips are of Farley's characters saying "I'm stoned," falling on a football field, walking into a camera, and saying "boy did I screw up, the whole towns going under and I'm out of a job." Another memorable part is where someone says about Farley's character "he must be all hoped up on crack."