This Owner Set Up a Camera to See What Her Dog Got Up to When She Left

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: youtube & mashable
When the owner is away, the rule-breaking dog comes out to play. YouTube user ignoramusky decided she wanted to see what her dog does when she leaves the apartment, so she set up a camera. On the video, you see her dog is quite the rebel.

The user states, "This dog is not allowed on the bed" at the beginning of the video. She proceeds to leave. Of course, the second she does, the canine is rolling around in glory on his owner's bed. This hilarious Bull Terrier rolled from one end to the other and would stop every few seconds to see if anyone was watching. No one but the owner's cat was watching -- it could care less.

This viral video was posted only a few days ago and it already has over 7 million views! So, if you've ever wondered what your pets gets up to when you are away, set up a camera -- chances are you'll get a good chuckle and so will millions of others.