The Man in a Cube Stunt is a Subtle Ad for a Meditation Program

The 'Man in a Cube' prankvertisement is set up like a mini documentary, that follows the eccentric Dave, a writer who pretends to live in a famous NYC sculpture.

The elaborate prank makes it seem as if Dave is living inside Bernard Rosenthal’s sculpture, 'The Alamo' at Astor Place. Inside the cube, Dave is set up with an extremely compact living space with all that he needs to get by. He explains that he wanted to escape the chaos of the city, but didn't want to leave it behind. It is not until nearly the end of the video that he subtly mentions the 'Whil' meditation program, which is what this entire prankvertisement is meant to promote.

The prank is set up so that it seems totally believable, even accounting for how Dave sneaks in and out of the sculpture at night to avoid being seen and what happens when people spin this iconic NYC sculpture.