DVD Comes With Barf Bag

 - Aug 27, 2007
References: reuters
If you liked the crazy adventures of Jackass then you'll love a little Dirty Sanchez. No I'm not talking about the sex move- I'm talking about the British troupe who claim to make "Jackass look like the Teletubbies!" Its very similar to Jackass in that a group of goofy guys doing sick stunts for no reason but their own enjoyment. But these guys claim to have more piercings, more puke, and just generally more disgusting!

The Dirty Sanchez boys have been pulling pranks on a TV show on MTV Europe for years and now their DVD is about to be released September 11th. But talk about an interesting marketing technique- Each DVD will come with it's own paper bag.

According to reuters "The bags underscore the message that the DVD is so sickening that even its makers fear viewers may vomit. "(The 'barf bag') was a fun way for us to communicate directly with fans, and tell them what the DVD is all about," said Scott Heffron, Genius' vice president of marketing."

Apparently the idea came from the DVD. Before one of their stunts, the boys encouraged their audience to get a "sick bag."