- Sep 12, 2009   Updated: Apr 15 2011
There's nothing worse than suffering--or helping a friend suffer--through the regurgitation process. Tears, screams and gurgles are just a few of the side effects one will encounter when hugging that cold porcelain. From puking pumpkins to designer barf bags, this cluster unleashes all that is innovative in this stomach-turning world.

Implications - Vomit may be disgusting, but people can't help but be drawn to bizarrely innovative art, food and advertising like the examples shown here. Many businesses have resorted to exploiting faux pas to gain publicity and generate buzz. While this odd marketing method may not work for every brand, there are some interesting case studies regarding public intrigue regarding repulsive products and advertising that shouldn't be ignored.

From Puking Pumpkins to Designer Barf Bags: