Bulimia Vomit Stickers for ProMadchen

 - Dec 23, 2008
References: promaedchen.de & adsoftheworld
How can someone effectively reach out to a young person suffering from bulimia? You have to overcome the protective wall of denial that these individuals build.

German organization ProMädchen collaborated with ad agency red cell of Dusseldorf on a guerrilla campaign that communicates directly to these troubled youth when they let down their guard in the most intimate and personal settings.

The place? Toilet lids in schools, universities, colleges, and canteens, where they are confronted with their sickness face-to-face with no one watching.

A sticker in the shape of bloody vomit is presented on the lids of these toilets with a message that says "Bulimia is curable" and information on how to contact the organization for help.

I applaud everyone involved, as this is a very important issue that must be addressed. And while the concept is not novel by any means, the execution is rather excellent and effective.

The campaign was created with creative director Harald Haas, art director and illustrator Alexander Dahlmann, and copywriter Katja Gessinger.

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