- Jul 9, 2013
Styling the human body with various skeleton fashions has become mainstream in popular culture through everything from chic accessories to body tattoos.

The underlying tone of these styles ranges from slightly morbid and eerie to wild and quirky, back to elegant and sexy. These stunning designs are inspired from some of the world’s most popular designers from Anne Sofie Madsen, Manish Arora, Eero Hintsanen, Becca McCharen and more. Featured in many magazines like Vogue and even seen on the runway, these skeleton fashion ideas will keep you entertained and inspired.

For more practical, day-to-day wear, try incorporating a skeletal accessory into your ensemble. This will allow you to rock the rebellious, punk-rock style without having to commit to a full-blown Goth look.

From Avant-Garde Skeletal Garments to Sculptural Skeleton Catwalks: