The Chromat FW 2012 Boasts Exoskeletal Pieces and Cute Themes

The Chromat FW 2012 collection is reminiscent of naughty cartoon characters. Typical of designer Becca McCharen, the line is highly structural, favoring strong lines and bold geometric shapes. The lingerie features vintage Disney cartoon characteristics, which exaggerate femininity with polka dot motifs and sunny colors. Memorable pieces from the line include the skeleton thigh high nylon, the villainous cat mask and a piped housewife apron.

Chromat was founded in 2008 and has gained huge success. Clients include Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland and Usher’s dancers. Designer Becca McCharen studied architecture and became transfixed with functional aspects of buildings. Her obsession with scaffolding translated into fashion with a navy focus on zippers, piping, elastics and structural styles.

The Chromat FW 2012 is a sweet and sassy collection of lingerie for the daring and sexy fashionista.