From Ice Queen Costumes to Villainous Horn Headbands

 - Sep 5, 2014
Halloween is a time for both young and old to channel a different side of themselves for a night and these Disney costumes will inspire those with a love of all things magical. From princesses to villains and everything in between, people can take on their favorite characters in very creative ways thanks to these Disney costumes.

While some people will want to embrace more traditional Disney costumes that portray Frozen's Elsa or Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent in as realistic a way as possible, others may be more inclined to go down the route of die hard cosplayers. For instance, just this year, one person mashed up Snow White with Boba Fett to many people's delight. Making Disney princesses look more badass is a theme many can get behind. There are even more ideas with this collection of Disney costumes.