Beauty and The Bloody by Grant Waud is a Modern-Day Beauty and the Beast

 - May 25, 2011
References: ja-jp.facebook & facebook
The young and talented photographer with a love for blood and gore is back with another captivating series. Grant Waud has released a collection of photos he calls Beauty and The Bloody.

This intriguing series features two models who reenact a modern-day Beauty and The Beast. The Beast in this series however seems to resemble Two-Face from the Batman series more than the hairy creature people saw as kids in the Beauty and The Beast film.

Grant Waud captures immense detail and emotion in his subjects. The amazing makeup and aesthetics were done by Kathleen Groves, who is Waud’s partner in crime when it comes to his photography. After viewing breathtaking photos like these, it is hard to wait for Grant Waud’s next photography series.