This Icy Elsa Cosplay Series Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This beautiful Elsa cosplay series by deviantART user JIMINJI will take your breath away. The self-proclaimed hobbyist from South Korea dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and her friend wore an Anna costume. Not only did they wear dresses that looked just like the Disney characters, they also wore wigs, contact lenses and used specific makeup details to make their faces look more cartoon-like.

This beautiful series also featured special graphics effects that add a magical touch to the shoot. JIMINJI's Elsa cosplay photography series definitely took a lot of work to put together. From the fabrics of the outfits to the poses the characters made in each image, the series really took cosplay to the next level. Instead of it just being a game of dress-up, they turned it into a role-play.