- Oct 31, 2015
These Halloween cosmetic products and looks will be sure to creep out others and maybe even yourself on the sinister evening of October 31st.

Some Halloween cosmetic looks can only be achieved by professional makeup artists, however there are some products that help the average goon get the look. Among some of the products that can help such looks are the black cat nail decals from Etsy's SuperSexyNailArt shop or Anastasia's 'Midnight' liquid lipstick that automatically transforms anyone into a creepy dark goddess.

Some harder looks to nail are things like Eva Senin Pernas' Halloween lip art, which involves delicately paints pumpkins and spiders perfectly on the mouth. Another design that is quite difficult to achieve but is worth the effort, is BeautyByBrig's stapled skin look for Pavi's bride.

From Bloody Teeth Costumes to Prickly Manicure Designs: