This Halloween Nail Art Features Eerie Decorations and Fake Blood

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: facebook & fashionablygeek
If you're not one for dressing up into costumes, perhaps opting for Halloween nail art might be a way for you to channel your spooky festive spirit. These nail designs by Get Buffed Nails offer a stylized and gruesome way to dress up your nails for All Hallow's Eve.

This manicure creatively features a different nail design for each hand starting with a Ouija board design for the first. The nails are sharp and pointed covered with a cream base and the cured letters and numbers featured on the spirit-calling board. The middle finger is adorned with the movable planchette piece. The opposite hand features one nail covered in bloody stitches, another with a nail embellishment spiked through it and one that is entirely black. The variety on the nails offers something a bit more creative than the popular black and orange designs.