These Pieces of Cartoon Underwear are Charismatic And Quirky

 - Feb 11, 2014
Whether you’re into anime or science fiction animation, these pieces of cartoon underwear bring all kinds of fun to the bedroom.

Cartoon underwear shows off a sense of quirkiness or the inner child that likes to stick around and play. Your lingerie collection shouldn’t always have to be a serious collection of black and red lacy things when there’s an array of unconventional and super fun super heroine-themed babydolls and bras on the market. Add a little Sailor Star power to your collection of panties and undergarments with bottomless panties molded after Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. This collection of cartoonized underwear is a bunch of fun for all animation lovers.

From manga to comic books, this risque take on your favorite animation is undeniably cute and promiscuously playful.