The 'Armour' Collection by Eero Hintsanen is Dark Yet Beautiful

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: eerohintsanen & hautemacabre
There is an inexplicable elegance to Finnish jewelry designer Eero Hintsanen's latest line 'Armour,' a delicate collection of skeletal designs that celebrates an alternative perspective to mainstream fashion.

The designer is not shy about the fact his cerebral and stunning designs won't be for everyone, even adding "those who get it, please contact..." before his contact information on his personal website.

The designs range from the symbolic, like an intricate bone headpiece, or even more bold and literal, like the necklace of a spinal cord that hangs down one's back.

Hintsanen has several other lines on his website in the spirit of 'Armour,' but he is also half of CHAO & EERO Jewel, whose designs are much more traditional and subdued.