This Funky Watch Flashes from a Normal Image to X-Ray Vision

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: gadgetsandgear
Using simulated x-ray imaging technology, this funky watch flashes you 3D images of a hand in normal photographic view as well as a skeletal outline. This piece called ‘Time is Short’ changes its watch face display with every slight movement of your wrist—at one moment, you see a normal hand wearing a black watch, and the next, a skeletal view of it all.

This funky watch does not have a traditional watch face—rather than using the circle space to tell time, it is used as a canvas to display a picture. To tell time, you’d be looking at an analog clock that is worn by the hand in the image. Essentially, you see a watch inside a watch, kind of like some form of inception. The Time is Short watch completely pushes the boundaries of watch design and will make people do a double take.