The ‘Prey’ Line from Vanwolff is Worth the Hunt

The new 'Prey' line from Vanwolff, a newly established swimwear label from award-winning designer Andrew Maxin, not only showcases the beauty of the male form, but also celebrates the anatomy of aquatic life with the collection's series of x-ray, photo-print designs.

Frogs, Piranhas and shells -- and my personal favorite, the seahorse design -- are just a few of some of the skeletal forms one can make a splash with when hitting the beach this summer season. Made in Los Angeles, the label already carries a certain cool factor with its roots, but the hot designs and even hotter tailoring are what truly make the 'Prey' line worth hunting for.

For those wanting to sport a style a little less edgy, Vanwolff also makes an 'Essentials' line of swimwear that is just as revealing, even if it doesn't include the x-ray print of a snake.