- Jul 10, 2014
These aquatic fashion examples range from eccentric underwater runways to summer holiday lookbooks that look to the ocean for their visual inspiration. Thanks to luxury labels like Givenchy and Kenzo, aquatic themes are taking over the fashion industry both on the high end and low end of the style spectrum.

While Kenzo and Givenchy are releasing shark-accented collections, affordable retailers like Pixie Market are also recognizing the popularity of aquatic fashion themes and are selling their own versions of these styles.

In addition to countless runway presentations, editorials and marketing campaigns, youth culture can't get enough of this aquatic craze either. The obsession with all things aquatic is one of the driving forces behind the Seapunk music and fashion subculture that looks to underwater themes and mermaid characters for visual inspiration.

From Underwater Runway Shows to Fish-Patterned Attire: