These Leggings Make it Look Like an Octopus is Clinging to Your Leg

 - Jun 17, 2014
References: thinkgeek & thinkgeek
These stylish octopus leggings will make it look like you have a big blue sea creature sticking to your legs as you walk around doing your day-to-day errands. Everyone will think you're in need of saving until they realize that the villainous octopus attached to you is actually a fashionable trend.

Each pair of these aquatic leggings are made from a dark black nylon material to replicate the depths of the ocean where octopuses tend to lurk about. Over top of the black nylon is a print of a blue cartoon octopus. The octopus' creepy eight tentacle legs are spread across each of the legs making it look like this octopus is ready to devour you whole.

If you're a fan of the ocean, pick these leggings up from Think Geek for $39.99.