Ribs Swimsuits by BlackMilk Will Give You an Exoskeleton

You’ve heard the expression before, "She’s all skin and bones", but now ultra-rad fashion label BlackMilk takes that statement to a whole new literal level with the release of its Ribs Swimsuit collection. The Australian-made swimsuits feature a printed skeletal design in a white, black and 3D version sure to turn heads on the boardwalk.

This rock-and-rolling collection takes influences from Gothic fashion and appears as if the wearer is sporting an X-ray of their body. The 3D version takes the illusion further, coming with a pair of the red and blue glasses to really make your look pop. So if you want to grab looks from afar this swimsuit season, consider investing in one of these to cool for school, exoskeleton swimsuits from BlackMilk.